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Accidents and Injuries

How we can help:

Protecting drivers after auto accidents is something that we take very serious here at Blair and Latell! We understand that auto accidents are very  traumatic experiences no matter what the degree of harm.

Contact us immediately following an accident, especially if you are injured, whether it be an accident involving a car, truck, a motorcycle, or a bicycle. Your best bet is to not make or give a statement until talking with us. The risk of saying the wrong thing to wrong person or organization is very high immediately following the accident involving motor vehicles.

We have the comprehension, understanding and experience to handle any car accident that you or a loved one might be unfortunately involved in:

We handle personal injury cases involving:

• Car Accidents

• Truck Accidents

• Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

• All Degrees of Negligence

• Railroad Accidents

• Airplane Accidents

• Catastrophic Injury

• Uninsured/Underinsured

• Dog Bite

Following the trauma of being involved in a car or related accident are the questions of medical bills, insurance disputes, at-fault concerns, State/Out of State obligations, investigative concerns…the list goes on and on.


Don’t deal with a traumatic experience by yourself! Blair and Latell understand what you’re up against and are there for you every step of the way! Your trauma is local and that means you need local representation. Don't let an outside law firm handle your local case!      Call Blair and Latell Now!