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How we can help: 

When you need a local law firm to represent you, Blair and Latell is your best choice! We're from the area, we work in the area, we live in the area and we spend our free time in the area. Don't rely on an outside firm to represent you when you can use our law firm that lives and works where you live and work!

• Doctors and Medical Professionals

• Landlords/Tenants

• Corporate Formation

• General Counsel

• Family Law


At Blair and Latell, you meet with Blair and Latell - not someone else that you're passed along to. Attorney Blair and Attorney Latell meet

with you from the beginning of the case to the end of the case. Period.


Whether you're a medical professional, a business professional, or an

individual who is in need of general counsel - Blair and Latell can help!


Don't let a law firm "pass you off" to someone you don't know. You work directly with Blair and Latell from start to it should be!

We help you by representing you! You need a local law firm like Blair and Latell, who have been in this area their entire lives, to partner with you during litigation.


Our reputation speaks for itself! We live and work in Northeast Ohio and we represent those who live and work in Northeast Ohio.


How could an outside law firm give you the direction you need if they're not local? They can't!


We can!

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