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Criminal Offenses, O.V.I (D.U.I.)

How we can help: 

If you are charged with OVI (DUI), you need a local law firm that knows how to protect your rights and driving privileges and can successfully negotiate on your behalf.

Blair and Latell is happy to confidentially review charges brought against you to decide the best course of action for your specific circumstance. Don't trust an outside law firm to handle your local case!


• Theft and Robbery

• Assault and Battery

• Domestic Violence

• Fraud

• Traffic Offenses

• And More


Being accused of

a crime doesn’t

automatically mean

that the person

being accused is

the culprit.

It must be proven in

a court of law,

and Blair and Latell

is highly skilled at getting to the truth while protecting their clients from false accusations.


So when you, a loved one, or anyone you know is accused of committing a crime, contact us so we can provide the protection needed.


Our competence in the criminal defense realm is nothing short of impressive!

Being faced with a legal matter is very stressful, and it always pays to use a local law firm that has the experience and the expertise to handle your matter. We exist to protect our clients! Never let an outside law firm handle your local case! Our firm is local. Your case is local. You need our local representation!