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Malpractice and Accidental Death 

We all hold medical personnel in the highest regard. They cure us of ailments, help us heal from broken bones, and they saves lives! We’re very fortunate to have these professionals around when we need them. However…

• What happens when they fail to diagnose a life-threatening symptom?

Who’s responsible? What’s going to happen now?

• How about surgical errors? If the surgeon makes a fatal mistake, is he/she

responsible? And if so, to what degree?

• What if your loved one is prescribed the wrong medication and an

emergency crisis occurs as a result? What do you do?

• If your loved one is in a nursing facility and appears to be abused,

who do you talk to? And will they tell you the truth?

• What happens if the anesthesiologist makes an error

administering the  anesthesia and unfortunate effects are

the result? What do you do first?

• If a loved one is diagnosed too late and the result is sickness

and/or death that could have been prevented, what’s the

first step?

Can you imagine all the questions that flood a person’s mind when something like this happens to them? If there’s any time to need a local and experienced medical malpractice lawyer, it’s definitely in a situation like the ones listed to the left!


Medical malpractice is extremely serious and needs to be handled by attorneys who know the process, know the law, and know what to do in order to get you the settlement you deserve.


It starts with contacting Blair and Latell. We’ll make sure that you're heard and that the party responsible does the right thing.

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