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A Will is a legal document that outlines the final decisions or instructions of an individual upon death.

Let Blair and Latell guide you through the probate process. There are procedures and systems to follow along with legal documents to be filed.


Blair and Latell will navigate you through this process to make sure every part of the process is handled properly and legally.


Wills and Probate:




• Living Will

• Wills

• Health Care Power of Attorney

• General Power of Attorney

• Property Ownership Transfer

• Probate Matters


Wills and Probate Matters need to be handled by attorneys. You need local representation...We're the local law firm to represent you!


Probate matters may also involve deferring or decreasing estate taxes, deferring State and Federal taxes, and winding up a business.


Let Blair and Latell help guide you through the probate process to make sure that you have all of the bases covered and all of your wishes are honored.

Wills and Probate Matters