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How we can help: 

Workers Comp claims are very dangerous waters to navigate without an experienced law firm by your side. If you’ve been injured at work, Blair and Latell are here for you! Don’t let employers, The State of Ohio or insurance companies manipulate you! Call us immediately if you have a Workers Comp claim!

Common forms of personal injury include:

• Workplace Injury

• Construction Accidents

• Industrial Injuries


We handle everything after the injury including getting medical attention and receiving compenstion for:

• Medical attention for all injuries and future medical care.

• Plastic surgery if necessary.

• Recovery of loss of earnings.

• Settlement of your claim

• Psychological counseling due to your injury, if necessary.

Blair and Latell are your local personal injury specialists. Personal injuries are

life-changing events! They require specialized knowledge of the law and

we have that knowledge.


Let us help you handle your Worker's Compensation claim from start to finish.


Call us immediately if you've sustained a personal injury and need to deal with workers compensation. Since we're a local firm representing local people, we have superior experience in dealing with local workers comp claims and issues.


Blair and Latell -

your personal injury lawyers!


Worker's Compensation